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Suzuki SV650 Fairings

Take a look at our Suzuki SV650 Race Fairings.

  • AMS Motorsport Kit Information :-
  • Pre drilled with Dzus fastners in white gelcoat.
  • This is our new own unique SV650 Race Kit.
  • It has been designed from scratch, in our UK based workshop. It has taken over two years to develop and design this kit.
  • It fits the SV650 properly.
  • It is as narrow as possible.
  • Does not need any of the heavy SV mounting brackets.
  • The seat is made of Carbon fibre, which bolt straight to the main frame.
  • No subframe is needed, reducing weight.
  • A STD side exhaust can be fitted as it is strong enough for an exhaust bracket, or a underneath exhaust can be fitted. see pictures.
  • Lots of room in the seat for electrics and battery.
  • The fairing bolts to the main frame and the radiator , no need for top fairing bracket.
  • The Ram Air tube is only mounted to the fairing, this is totally legal in the "mini twin" rules. Supplies cool air straight into the frame vents directly infront of the airbox taking all the hot air from the radiator away.

Fairings 195.00

Ram Tube 40.00

Carbon/Fibreglass seat unit with built in undertray 225.00

Carbon Fibre Dash 45.00

Fibreglass Dash 20.00

Screen to fit 49.00

Coloured Gel Coat 80.00

Supertwin Ram Air Box 150.00


AMS SV650 Ram Air Box 


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